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Fuck BRAINnet with Tequila Sunset - ( Las Vegas, NV )
© by VENUS

Category: SCIENCE
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Tool: Tequila 1800 + Triple Sec + Margarita Mix + Lime + Sugar around the glass top
Inspiration: PARIS Resort - Las Vegas, NV - my chosen beautiful Doctor I know not --> drink master --> Paris Owner
Source: Daniel K Smit ( my beautiful husband who knows the mixture to create such powerful tool for me )
Strategy: Killing those who read through Your eyes and speak through Your ear and other parts of your body
Location: Brainnet Los Angelos USA members network  & New Jersey + Global !!!
EVIL: A L B E R I E  H A D E R G J O N A J  &  D I E L L Z A  M A V R A J ( former HAGJOSAJ )
Irony: Someone brainnetting for ISLAM !!!  S A R A N D A  /  C A N A D A
Doubt: Aferdita Hadergjonaj & Vijona ( Los Angelos ) -- > COMA / Hospital / Heart Arrest !!!
Wine Taster: Myself ( PhD in Psychology of Portraiture ) -- > FUCK YOU
My Aim: Total Destruction of Jews and Muslims across the globe that brainnet with me without my permission !!!
Outcome: Blocks Brain Imaging / People that talk to you and are silent too through BRAINnet & NSA / HOSPITAL

Moral of the story: Money doesn't always walk and bullshit doesn't always talk
Sadness: 58 dead in Las Vegas, NV - 2017
Vampire Fighting: President Lincoln
Climax: I broke the NeuroScience CODE in Las Vegas NV
from SKY Tower through pinpoint blood flow stop in my head!
ENVY:  VENUS ( Roman Goddess of Beauty and Love )
Incouragement: FISCHER ( check mate )
The Lights are beautiful in PARIS - Las Vegas, NV
( I write this line on my computer and she / he reads it as I write it !!! ) = CRIME

As I set down
Sharing a coffee table with my son
My husband was ordering me a drink
Of his choice
Of my taste

Margarita - he said to the drink server
Who objects - supernaturally -
The owner of Paris - he claims to be
And I sense his delight - anger -
And confusion

A woman with red hair
Avarage height and slightly heavy
Accompanied by a man looking like
Stephen H Koslow
Executive Director, Professor at BRAINnet Foundation
Takes a photo of me from about 30 ft away


Wearing a black beret ( not green like in
BRAINnet )
( BRAINnet = Brain Reasearch And Integrative Neuroscience Network)
With a lovely black cape
Polyester - allergen free
Not military

I wish I had my black gloves on
I thought to myself
Breakfast at Tiffany!

* * * * *

Ah, how beautiful my son looked - I thought as I watched him
Shining calmness in sunlight color
Yellow that is - Ralph Lauren
So healthy - unusually calm

* * * * *

What if I say: You look gorgeous tonight - I told him
Thank You, Mommy - he said

* * * * *
And then my husband approached our table:
A beer for himself
Dasani for our son already there
And for me ( ha ha ) a special drink
9 $ - that is at Paris - Las Vegas, NV

And I drank it slowly
It was the same drink I had once there
In Paris
This time it HIT ME:
Better then NerveBlock !!!

As I stood up to leave
I started feeling it: Oh, My God - I said - I feel GREAT:
It entered my peripheral nerves

It penetrated the left side of my brain O N L Y
It was D I V I N E
And slowly released the necture of Heaven
Metaphorically speaking
My left ear felt heat and tingling
As I walked holding my husband's hand
I felt slightly drunk - If I may say so

The mixture might have been slightly different
This one I mixed myself at home
Affect: Not the Same but still did the trick
© by VENUS
Venera Lokaj-Smit
Tuesday, Jan 2nd 2018

But - Oh, my God - so peaceful
All the female voices recieved through Brainnet - without my permission -
And all the male mute voices too were killed
During those moments of walking
After those moments of walking
The streets of Paris - Las Vegas, NV

The killing lasted all night long
No voices and No imagery - PERIOD!
What more do you want from a Doctor today
That serves such special SHOT at Paris Resort

As my husband gently tucked me in
And spoke not to me at all
I was wearing Victoria's Secret blue pajamas
I put them on all by myself

" Yeah, they do this to women at that hospital
Give them shots like that
Fuck them in the ass
And they don't even know it "
I bearly hear voices trying to convince me to stop BELIEVEING in that DRINK
MARGARITA at Paris - I suggest be called TEQUILLA SUNSET for the evening to rest
Perhaps a Tequilla Sunrise then with more fruits and less alcoohol for a morning jump start

May God bless You
I said to the drink master - my chosen Doctor in Vegas - the Paris Owner I know not
As I looked around my kitchen next morning
I thought it was a MACHO drink
And saw a Tequila 1800 Silver
And I tested it through the smell sense
We have 5 you know

And Tequila it was in that special 9$ drink

Will You be my Hero - I asked my beautiful husband
And he went out at 6am in the morning
And got me Tequila

I told him:
The drink kicked the shit out of Neurologist!

Mixed with Tripple Sec - my husband  said

* * * * *

As I write this article today
I am taking a home drink now
Tequila mixed with orange juice & lemon
Softer - much softer than the special one last night

It had a Lime - I did not take -
It was sour!

But as light green as it was
It kicked the shit out of that green beret
You see around human brain on

What makes me sad at this very happy day
Is what I heard last night - supernaturally :
" I will go to her appartment at Sky Tower - tomorrow - a man said and say
I am the one that made the drink
And this is what I put in your drink
And it costs $1,000! "

No, Angel - my husband said to me
It was a special $9 drink

I have to go again
And see if I can find him - to thank him
For thrilling me
And killing you

Weather BRAINnet - NSA - or NSE
No CIA - No FBI - No Police - No Security -
No one helped me
President Lincoln walked the walk
Fighting Vampires as I talk
" I could see once you know - it felt as if to all he said
But now I'm so fucking dead "
( I don't know what kind of show you're running here )
- The Scent of a Woman -

As ironic as it may sound
"Here's to you kid"
The drink master may say one day to me
'We'll always have Paris"
And I don't even know him

Instead I heard him say - supernaturally
To You - Roman Goddess of Beauty & Love

I don't want him to look like Humphrey Bogard
He's my chosen Doctor and he has to look dashing davounair
Courteous, gracious, and having a sophisticated charm
It is a must

I broke the NeuroScience CODE few days ago from Sky Tower
That much I know
Without a drink I pin-pointed the neuro cells
Stopping the blood flow in my head
It broke down the system!

"Qysh - VENERA - they said"

I am supposed to receive a special check
They're not giving it to me
Not sure if that's Crime or Irony
Perhaps Science it is to be
From Sky to Trump Tower fighting me!

Many other checks and cash was on the way
Never received them as of today

Thanking me for my brain
It's beautifully intelligent raw it's real
Heavenly heavenly you feel - I hear

To me they say from faraway
And I want them to stop every day
Five of them are already out of BRAINnet and they fear
Death so close so near

As that special drink master
Killed all the germs around my pretty brain
From BRAInnet secretive fame

Unfortunatelly - all People!!

And I keep thinking of yesterday
So you're Stephen H Koslow
BRAINnetting with me - I say
To his photo on Brain website
" I like your voice " - he gently responded
DISCONNECT please - I kindly asked
And never looked at him again

For some reason 50 men were gathered the very next day
Around me - supernaturally

* * * * *

" You're a Jew - Jew - Jew
You're a fucking - fucking Jew "
I kept saying loud to Stephen H Koslow
Fighting Vampires
And the BITCH was there
The fucking whore from the Live Show, Las Vegas NV
All silent quiet yet hyper and craving fame!

I need to go back to Paris
In hopes this whore this prostitute
That lives through my thinking my brain
And more than sure for years - yours too
DIES totally completelly utterly
With everyone in her family friends and attendes
So people don't die in vain
No more - in Las Vegas, NV

And that check for that cream outfit at the innaguaration ball
Has to come from Melania Trump herself
As she was watching me at 44 Monroe browsing through Bostonproper
Ivanka Trump sells there too

Impeachment - a must!

Entering our homes through
With NSA too ???

Check-mate tell them VENUS
I, Fischer am right here with you
Give a check-mate to BRAINnet too!

The lights are beautiful in Paris
Las Vegas, NV.
How the FUCK are you connecting?!
Nerve Block / NSA / WIFI / SmartPhone / HighBlood Pressure Shot
Introduce the TOOL to Me
Not ME to the tool
oil on canvas © by VENUS
Sunday: January 14, 2018

TimeFrame: 5:30 am Las Vegas, NV
Category: CIA ELITE ( Central Intelligence of America - The Best )
EVIL: Alberie Hadergjonaj ( Albania ) & Genc Kastrati ( New York ) + Albanian Female Pianist / Heavy / Fat / Pig ( Italy )
Character: Terrorists ( 3 = 2 foreign + 1 domestic )
Net: Facebook

Target: U.S.A.  &  KOSOVO
Threat: BOOK
Co-threat: ATTACK Naval Force - Albania
Tool: BRAINnet ---> Brain Imagery / Memory Delete / Word Block / Gasoline ENT / Video Clip / Live Direct Brain Attack

Witness: VENUS ( Venera Lokaj-Smit )

GOD: ARMAGEDDON ( Disappear )

Sunday: January 14, 2018

Can I hug You?
I said smiling in Las Vegas, NV
As He was gracefully
Leading a march alone standing
Proud - with no followers
But a mini him
Still - not alive

He looked like in the movie Austin Powers
Slightly taller and fuller then Mike Myers

He gently bit his little finger
Nodding neither Yes nor No
With so much Love in me
And He embraced me in return

His Love I felt dearly
But His body I felt not
My husband beautifully glowed
As He looked at him: Dr. EVIL :)) he said

You want a picture taken ? - Dr. Evil kindly asked us
My husband had no time running after our son
Who enjoys walking only

BRAVO to my husband
Our son and I
And especially Dr. Evil

ENCHANTED by his Love
Kindness Beauty and Grace
I said as I entered our home:

I hugged Dr. Evil TODAY :))
Only then - supernaturally - I saw His body leaving his
Position of Attention
Knowing I made it home
Safe and Sound

May God bless America
And the World we live in

Monday: January 15, 2018

I lead ARMAGEDDON today encouraged by a handsome GOD visible on the video above & music: Two Steps From Hell / Volume 3
Someone whispered through
BRAINnet ' You found yourself a soldier ' ! ~ When GOD descends, I said, He'll look like Him.
As of today 22 people from around the World became

( U.S.A: America )
1. Daniel K Smit
2. VENUS (
Venera Lokaj- Smit )
3. Errol Smit

( Europe / Kosovo)
4. Nimon Lokaj
5. Hatmone Lokaj
6. Artan Lokaj
7. Arjeta Lokaj
8. Ardiana Lokaj
9. Goni Lokaj ( the son of Imer Lokaj )
10. Gani Lokaj ( the brother of Goni )
11. The son of Goni Lokaj from Decani, Kosovo ( believes in America / Artan Lokaj's Jeep Cherokee )

( Actors / Hollywood )
12. Personal Sensual Orgasm Superstar ( Kingdom of Heaven ) ---> GHASSAN MASSOUD

( Europe / Kosovo )
13. The Opera Lady from Prishtina ( high pitch christial clear quality 13:24 )
14. University Friend from Prishtina ( LEKA perhaps can be EURO or DOLLARS )
Shroud of Turin: the opposit of Sepia Color which is Grey (negative) and is actually Grey (positive)
16. Beqir Hadergjonaj's Son - the 2nd - I once met at Beqir's Home in Decani, Kosovo
17. CHRIST ( Active )

18. President Lincoln
19. SHERIF of Phoenix, Arizona ( August 25, 2017 )
20. JERUSALEM Superstar ( Kingdom of Heaven ) --->
King Baldwin ( not Edward Norton )
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau ( Gods of Egypt )
Two Steps From Hell ) ( CHRISTIAN )  
Tuesday: January 16, 2018
GOD - I need your help!
VENUS: GOD - I need your help!
( BRAINnet - ting )

I skipped California and
Alaska here I come:
Sarah Palin... Her Husband... And their daughter - the fat pig ( dancing with the stars )
ATTACKING my brain directly at 11:37 am
Las Vegas, NV /
Today: January 16, 2018
( Brain / Live Imagery )

I looked at Adelina Ismajli's sister ( dancing with the stars - GENTA ISMAJLI )

" Terhiqna Une " - She beautifully said

* * * * *

EVIL: Sarah Palin + Her Husband + Her Daughter
Character: Terrorist
Tool: BRAINnet

Witness: VENUS
( Venera Lokaj-Smit )

GOD: ARMAGEDDON ( Disappear )
5:04 pm
( BRAINnet - ting )

President TRUMP,
You're Fired!
Today by  - I - the 45th President of the United States of America


* * * * *

  1. President Trump Family - all alive
  2. Nimon Lokaj Family - all alive
  3. Gani Dautaj Family - all alive
  4. Naser Berisha Family - all alive
  5. Blerim Azemi Family - all alive
  6. Albanian Trump Family ( Golden Eagle ) ---> NSL not Devilish - all alive
  7. 666 # at SKY Tower in Las Vegas, NV - will be switched to 660  

  • Mr. BIGGS  ----------------------------- >
  • 3d Infantry Division  ------------------ >

TEXAS ( Austin ) - Death Penalty
A Must
Wednesday: January 17, 2018

I continue leading ARMAGEDDON today encouraged by the handsome GOD visible on the video ARMAGEDDON with
music: Two Steps From Hell / Volume 3 / INVINCIBLE
The only beautiful FACE that can fit into that beautiful body is the one I created with LANCOME Lipstick - Rouge IN LOVE
As of today 28 people from around the World became

23. Gerard Butler  ( Gods of Egypt )
24. GOD of
GENESIS ( the handsome one I created - the only Face that matched the body on ARMAGEDDON video )
25. Angelina Jolie-Pitt's Daughter that kissed my son's name on a paper  ( Shiloh Jolie-Pit )
26. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt's grandfather / my Van Gogh  (
Jon Voight )
27. YouTube Friend ( Charlie Norman )
28. Lady Gaga

Thursday: January 18, 2018

As of today 45 people from around the World became CHRISTIAN  / SUPERNATURALLY: ----- > NO BRAINnet !!!

29. TUPANXHIA ( Kosovar / Las Vegas, NV )
30. NETANYAHU  ( 'Bibi' ) - I answered your question
31. French Policeman ( We'll Always Have Paris )
32. A hardworking American similiar to
President Lincoln's Statue ( Brain Video / Live )
33. Vampire Fighter ( Brain Video / Live / Las Vegas NV ) handsome smiley face almost identical with
President Lincoln's Soul
34. President OBAMA
35. IGUMANE - TEODOSJE ( Decani Monastery )
President Boris Tadic ( Thinking about it )
Father Ilarion ( Decani Monastery )
Frederic Da Silva ( Paranormal Mind Reading Magic )
Sir Ian McKellen ( Wizard the White )
TENDER ( Afternoon )
41. Daniel Craig (
Along with half of London )
42. Yan Naing Lee ( Rush Hour Any )
Max von Sydow  ( Look At That ... )
Ruler of Rome
45. Joe Pesci
Language: ENGLISH
4 men on their way to space within Earth
Terrorists BRAINnet-ting you all from Satelite )
Saturday: January 20, 2018

I was sleeping beautifully when TUPANXHIA woke me up - gently - at 4:00 am ( Right Side Live Playing Tupan Brain Video Imagery )
I continue leading ARMAGEDDON as of today 48 people from around the World became
HOLY EXPERIENCE      ----- >  NO BRAINnet !!!
46. Uke Lokaj's Daughter from Switzerland
47. Jonathan Irish
Saturday Evening
Sunday: January 21, 2018

As of today 55 people from around the World became CHRISTIAN  / SUPERNATURALLY: ----- > NO BRAINnet !!!

49. Viona Berisha ( Prishtina / Kosovo )  CHRISTIAN
50. Steve Paled's Son / the one with a gun
President George W
52. John Koenig Jr ( JOHNNY )
King of Kings & Lord of Lords
54. Integrity of Salute
55. Kenny G
Language: ENGLISH
4 new men on their way to space within Earth
Terrorists BRAINnet-ting you all in Las Vegas NV: Internal / External Drives )
Monday Morning: January 22, 2018

I continue leading ARMAGEDDON ( Trailer Music Empire ) and as of today 65 people from around the World became CHRISTIAN  / SUPERNATURALLY:
HOLY EXPERIENCE      ----- >  NO BRAINnet !!!  -----------  Sunday Evening was calm relaxing and I am able too issue a statement:
56. Liquid Universe MARK
57. President Erdogan of Turkey
58. President Tsipras of Greece ( my BRAINnet friend -----> NO to BRAINnet )
59. Zero - Project ( TEMPTATION )
60. Beqe Tahiraj
Tim McGraw  /  CHRISTIAN  
62. Elton John
64. Dan Brown ( Da Vinci CODE )
65. Arnold Schwarzenegger
66. North Korea President's Beautiful Wife ( believes in Love )
Tuesday: January 23, 2018

I continue leading ARMAGEDDON ( Trailer Music Empire ) and as of today 72 people from around the World became CHRISTIAN  / SUPERNATURALLY:
HOLY EXPERIENCE      ----- >  NO BRAINnet !!!
67. Robert Redford ( Spy Game )
68. Tom Cruise ( Flaming Dragon )
Strength of a Thousand Men
69. Knight's Tale PRINCE ( James Purefoy )
72. CHRIST ( Rooster Hair Style - Las Vegas, NV )
Wednesday: January 24, 2018

I continue leading ARMAGEDDON ( Trailer Music Empire ) and as of today 106 people from around the World became CHRISTIAN  /
HOLY EXPERIENCE      ----- >  NO BRAINnet !!!
73. Jesus of Nazareth
74. Robert Klein ( Women of New York - Frost yourselves )
75. Leonardo Di Caprio
76. Pat Buchanan ( Heading for Armageddon )
MEGYN  KELLY ( Fox News )
Andrea Bocheli ( Besame Mucho )
79. Igor Vitalievich Jijikine
Steven Berkoff ( BOSS - The Tourist )
Brad Pitt ( ACHILLES )
82. Pretty Cool ( Las Vegas, NV )
Viggo Mortensen ( CHRISTIAN )
84. Orlando Bloom ( Out of Israel ----> You'll always have Jerusalem ----> The Princess 2 )
Prof. Stephen Hawkings  ( I closed the black hole )
Steven Seagal ( Andushka's Taste )
88. Elijah Wood ( FRODO )
89. Xhevdet Xhafa
90. Ismajl Kadare
91. Gjergj Fishta
Sean Hannity (  CHRISTIAN )
Ann Coulter (  CHRISTIAN )
94. CHRIST ( Arena --->
for VENUS )
Angie Harmon ( Law & Order )
Charlie Sheen ( Hot Shots )
Sylvester Stallone ( RAMBO )
Denise Richards ( Bond Girl - The Doctor )
99. TRUMP (
45th President of United States of America )
100. President TRUMPs Son  ( White House - Washington D.C. )
VENUS: Megyn Kelly settle for more, says Michelle Pfeiffer (3) to Kelly (2) - every time she looks at the cover of her book.
You ( the whoever ) should have put that beautiful Kelly (2) on the cover, so she says: Sell Yourself Better Pfeiffer.

PFEIFFER (3): Why this! This war causing between me and Kelly!

( Kelly (1) smiles as she looks at me VENUS preparing this File for her )

VENUS: Because of that eye (3) , right side, you have in the picture like in that movie with the wolf...
Perhaps you've turned into wolf, and I don't want Kelly to turn into wolf too; how about into PRINCESS.

Kelly (1) looks at me and smiles )

VENUS: That beautiful Catholic girl (2) is CHRISTIAN

--------------------------  Behind my head at 360  Anthony Hopkins BRAINnets my hand movements toward Pfeiffer ----------------------------
                                     COMPOSER ANTHONY HOPKINS
                                                  ( HANNIBAL )


Anthony Hopkins gets SLAPPED on his face; is asked to sign out for good !!!

( Anthony Hopkins tries to give excuses and his soul CRIES... I believe it's
your wife doing this, I tell him, she's Asian! )
You're like a giant up there at ( SKY tower above 602 appartment ), I said to Hopkins but MAX VON SYDOW is (here)
at ( SKY tower within 602 appartment ) - You should have known that. As Anthony Hopkins, the composer, threatened me while I was
chatting with my husband, Sir Andrew Riew  threatened him.

I need to report this to Kelly (1) I said. "I heard you" ( a woman, a giant whore standing like a prostitute ) responded.
You're not Kelly, I told her.

Kelly vs Pfeiffer goes to Kelly's File I said as I looked at Kelly (1) and Saluted her.

Kelly (1) reminds me of a remark I made earlier )

VENUS: If this is how Anthony Hopkins composed his 1st musical composition - And The Waltz Goes On - it will be stripped of him!

I looked at Kelly (2) and thought to myself: Since they're turning her into Pfeiffer from wolf movie, she may as well find a future husband
and I looked at
Viggo Mortensen ( King ) .......... He angrily said - I would rather take you out of this.

 ( He's not here to marry ----> Newt Gingrich )
101. OSCAR WILDE   ( Fascinating Russians again in 2018 war zone Las Vegas NV - first time was 1998 Kosova Europe )
Adam Sandler ( from 4 - movie collection: CLICK / BIG DADDY / 50FIRSTDATES / Mr. DEEDS )
103. JACK BRUNO ( Aim for the Bushes )
104. CIRCUS CLOWN - Las Vegas NV ( Waited 20 years for this - TOOL ! )
105. COX Ear Pierced Computer Doctor ( 44 Monroe )
106. NAVY Retired ( 44 Monroe )
((( NARCOTIC & KING swift sword glances - I feel FASCINATED over my 21st sense I wish not - 5 remain HOLY )))

NARCOTIC touches the perimeter of KING's face gently and KING melts upon his touch. Enchanted by their beauty and grace, I kiss
NARCOTIC's portraiture I've created feeling SAD, so sad, over KING's dissappearance whom I then brought back to the arena.
I placed KING above the level of NARCOTIC's reach. He gallantly turns around with a sword out of nowhere and cuts his head off, as I
look at the duel, concentrated on the KING, happy to witness that his head remained untouched unswift by the sword as a tool, hence
turning and twisting into a scarf, cream and gentle enough to hold dearly.

NARCOTIC couldn't finish KING with a real sword as a tool.

KING then parks in front of NARCOTIC and gently touches the perimeter of NARCOTIC's left side of his face tasting NARCOTIC's
strategy he so beautifully demonstrated over the 1st act. NARCOTIC tilts his head toward KINGS face allowing KING to touch the skin
of his cheak beneath the perimeter of his face - NARCOTIC melts not though KING touches not his face.
NARCOTIC then orients KING's eyes toward KING's fingers. KING gently pulls back his hand toward himself beautifully looking at his
fingers trying to figure out the difference between his and NARCOTIC's finger power.

((( NARCOTIC speaks to KING and I hear not his statement but I see his body language looking at me as he speaks to him )))

" Only she can touch my face " NARCOTIC's body language feels like saying to KING based on my sense as I watch them visually and
it is what I hear others around, the invisible, saying too. Pondering the thought, happy not hearing them, I assumed it may have been a
line as simple as: " You don't have it in your fingers - the SPIRIT! "

Privacy of conversation between the two is beautiful.

I look at NARCOTIC's portraiture and tell him - You won the duel.
He greets me with a nod - I kiss him on the cheek.
I look at KING's photograph and tell him - He won the duel.
He greets me with a nod - I kiss him on the cheak.

I ponder the scene thinking of their moment over the fingers and I SMILE!

SENSOR UPON CONTACT is a tool I suggested
GENESIS make upon my sketch I created
to fight Vampires living underneath 602
at SKY Tower where I am a resident.
A tool that is visible on your hand.
GENESIS turned by myself into
NARCOTIC must have turned it into
an internal drive opposite of
external drive I meant OR it may
simply be his Brain Power similiar to mine
when I got the Princess of Jerusalem melt
as she attacked me from the photo!

I would like to say BRAVO to NARCOTIC but it is unfair to KING.
Though, fairly NARCOTIC dueled I went back to KING's photograph
and explained the tactic used by NARCOTIC's strategy so he's not left alone - lost - lacking asnwers to questions he asks himself.

Moral of the Story: THE TOOL
Witnesses: MANY
  • VISIBLE: Pfeiffer (3) & Kelly (1) photo images you see above
  • INVISIBLE: Law & Order (Angie) + PITE (albanian food) + others
Sunday: January 28, 2018

I continue leading ARMAGEDDON ( Trailer Music Empire ) and as of today 120 people from around the World became CHRISTIAN  / SUPERNATURALLY:
HOLY EXPERIENCE      ----- >  NO BRAINnet !!!
Brain Imagery / Memory Delete / Word Block / Gasoline ENT / Video Clip / PORN Therapy !!! / Overlap Filming / Live Direct Brain Attack
108. BEN STILLER ( CHRISTIAN ) ---> ( Take it easy with that strectching VENUS thing - there're some of us here still short )
109. BRAIN SURGEON / NeuroSurgeon  ( NARCOTIC ALIKE )  Book Author
THOR ( God of Thunder ) ( CHRISTIAN )
DANIEL ( The Book of Daniel )
112.  A R W E N  ( Liv Tyler ) ( CHRISTIAN )
FREDDIE MERCURY ( Queen - I Want It All )
TOM HANKS ( Bridge of Spies )
Strength of a Thousand Men
ENT - Ear Nose Throat
117.   Bill O'Reilly  ( Caution! - You're about to enter the No Spin zone )
117.  E P I C ( Return of the King )  ( CHRISTIAN )
118.  Robin Williams ( CHRISTIAN ) ( VENUS ~ You'll always have PARIS )
119.  Marlon Brando /
GODFATHER   :) You Little Brat
Michael Douglas ( CHRISTIAN  :)
121.  PATROCLUS  ( Garrett Hedlund ) ((( )))
Sunday: February 4, 2018

I continue leading ARMAGEDDON ( Trailer Music Empire ) and as of today 125 people from around the World became CHRISTIAN  /
122.  John Shrapnel
123.  "Weird" Al Yankovic ( Amish Paradise ) ( CHRISTIAN )
127.  RickVanMan ( Rick Clarke: Logic Dictates... )  ( CHRISTIAN )
124.  Steve Paled  ( VENUS ~ Happy Birthday to Dan )  ( CHRISTIAN )    
Tuesday: February 6, 2018

I continue leading ARMAGEDDON ( Trailer Music Empire ) and as of today 134 people from around the World became CHRISTIAN  /
126.  C R O M   ( CHRISTIAN ) ( I need VENUS kisses )  (((   )))
128.  Andy Stitzer ( Steve Carell )  ( CHRISTIAN )
129.  SirKeyMaster ( MICHAEL ) ( CHRISTIAN )
130.  TOBY KEITH ( Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue ) ( CHRISTIAN )
Rodney Dangerfield ( Back to School ) ( CHRISTIAN )
132.  INDIANA JONES ( Harrison Ford ) ( CHRISTIAN )
133.  Jessica Simpson ( This boots are made for walking ) ( CHRISTIAN )
134.   Bill O' Reilly ( Caution! - You're about to enter the No Spin zone )
The 25th President of France
Saturday: February 17, 2018

I continue leading FAR TOO LOUD ( Drop The Bomb ) and as of today 137 people from around the World became CHRISTIAN  /
136.  Ricky Ann Lauren ( Psychotherapist ) ( CHRISTIAN )
137.  Andrew Lauren ( Film Producer ) ( CHRISTIAN )
Tuesday: February 20, 2018

As I led ARMAGEDDON with
after Dropping the Bomb,
I fell into Soft Instrumental Jazz Music
and enjoyed Mambo N. 5 and
visioned Mambo N. 7 without the N.6
~ it's called A LEAP ~ and as of today
140 people from around the World

NO BRAINnet !!!

139.  LOU BEGA ( Mambo N. 5 )
140.  Sir Andrew Rieu ( THEME )
Strength of a Thousand Men